Two men in construction gear reviewing plans on a ute

Hard hats and thinking caps

Great buildings don’t happen by chance.

They come from smart thinking, skilled delivery and an understanding of each project’s ultimate objective. At Wyatt we work with passion and purpose to deliver buildings of outstanding quality across the South Island.

Early involvement means better results

At Wyatt Construction, we prefer to start at the very beginning. First, we work collaboratively so that so that all parties are aligned by a common understanding and vision. Still at concept stage we optimise constructability, using our experience and knowledge to achieve premium results while remaining firmly within time and budget boundaries.

Meticulous from foundation to finish

We’re proud of our reputation as sticklers for quality. Throughout the entire process you’ll find us going the extra mile to deliver your project to the highest standard possible. Whether that’s recommending an improved material or carefully reviewing all workmanship on-site, our ethos is never to walk past something that could be done better.

True to our word

As a relatively young business we place a huge emphasis on building trust. We make a point of being honest and upfront, we’re 100% transparent with our pricing and we maintain a no surprises policy. On each project we sweat the details to earn our client’s confidence, and their repeat business is testament to the integrity of our process.

Excited for the future

We are a dynamic team full of fresh ideas and positivity. From responding to challenges with a can-do mindset to taking up helpful new technology, we love the work we do and thrive on doing it well. We’re proud of achieving success for our clients and making a difference for our communities.