Two men in construction gear reviewing plans on a ute

If you can envision it, we can build it

With a base in Canterbury and presence in Marlborough, we are positioned to deliver projects throughout the South Island.

Our combination of core team and trusted contractors means we can take on builds of almost any scale, across sectors ranging from commercial and industrial to multi-build residential and architectural homes. Whatever the nature of your project, we work from end-to-end, using construction methodologies to enhance outcomes and contribute to the project’s overall success.

Sectors and Services

Health and Safety

At Wyatt Construction, people come first. We prioritise the health and safety of everyone involved in our work whether they’re staff, contractors, partners or client-side. Robust company policies, site specific safety plans and open lines of communication ensure that any concerns get raised and people head home safely each day.

The Environment

We have one planet; it’s up to us to look after it. We hold ourselves personally responsible for ensuring every project we touch is as resource efficient as possible throughout its full lifecycle. On-site, we continually seek to improve our outcomes in terms of waste outputs, energy use and carbon emissions. It matters to our community, and it matters to us too.

Wyatt Construction is proudly accredited to a SiteWise rating of 88%.